The Band's Visit at Providence Performing Arts Center

The Band's Visit Tickets

Providence Performing Arts Center | Providence, RI

You'll have to be fast to get tickets for this! The Band's Visit will be in Rhode Island June 2019 for their biggest event yet! Providence Performing Arts Center will lend the stage for this awesome one-time event on Monday 3rd June 2019 which will offer fans and friends alike entertainment like nothing else! The Band's Visit have a huge fanbase and it's clear that they deserve it! They are widely known to offer some of the best entertainment in theatre and consistently provide awesome talent to watch! There are limited tickets for this event, selling fast – grab yours now and get an e-ticket to save waiting in line at Providence Performing Arts Center's collection booth!

The Band's Visit at Providence Performing Arts Center

The Band's Visit has been the talking point for many across Rhode Island and the USA. The press this talent is gaining is quite something. Even the New York Times has spoken favorably about The Band's Visit. Providence has limited Broadway theatres that are fit for hosting such a high profile event. Providence Performing Arts Center being probably the unrivalled Broadway theatres in the city. The box-office has been full at this notably loved Broadway venue in Providence after the news of this talent was announced. So please turn off your smart phones and give a large round-of-applause and welcome to the stage the impressive, the sensational; The Band's Visit! The curtains are up and it is showtime!

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